Cloud, Sephiroth, and Vincent Get Some Charming… Well, Charms



Even more expensive Final Fantasy VII jewelry is on the way. This time, the items are a little more versatile… but they still cost over $130 each. $137.99 charms inspired by Cloud, Sephiroth, and Vincent have been added to the Square Enix Store. Each one will ship in June 2020.

For just $ 137.99, you'll get a single pendant with character-related items. Each is made of SV925 silver with real or fake stone inside. In the case of the Cloud and Vincent amulets, the blue or red fake stones appear at the top near the jump ring. Sephiroth ornaments have brown quartz. You don't have a bracelet or necklace to attach any of these items, you have to provide it yourself.

Each "Final Fantasy VII" jewel has different weapons or equipment related to the respective character. The Cloud spell shows "Cloud Strife" under the Buster sword. Sephiroth's Masamune is in front of the angel wings, above the name. The charm of "Vincent Valentine" depicts a small scene in which his paws and part of his cloak can be seen in front of the moon.

These join many other Final Fantasy VII jewels. There are two Aerith-style necklaces, each priced at $ 147.99. Tifa will also receive two necklaces for $ 147.99.